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Do you like to do the exact same thing every day? Neither do we! Every day is different. Our Construction Services Representatives are responsible for assisting the project managers and coordinators with the administrative tasks associated with the pre-construction and close out phases of a project. The job exists to streamline these processes and maintain organization. Tasks include, but are never limited to:


Creating the Equipment List and “Pro Track Manager”

  • Obtain construction documents from estimating

  • Review the construction documents and prepare a preliminary equipment list

  • Meet with Project Manager to review preliminary equipment list and make changes where necessary

  • Update the Pro Track Manager with all items from the equipment list

Prepare, Coordinate and Send Submittals “The Project Handbook”

  • Prepare submittals including shop drawings, data sheets and anything else required by the specifications for all items on the equipment list

  • Send submittals to the general contractor if working as a sub-contractor or to the consultant if working as the general contractor for approval of general conformance

  • Follow up with whomever the submittals were sent to, ensuring that we have approvals in a timely manner

  • Review returned submittals and make changes to the equipment list based on notes and/or rejections; resubmit and repeat previous step

  • Colour code all items on the Pro Track Manager to indicate to the purchasers what items are approved and what items are rejected

  • Send Acapulco Colour Selection Chart for items that require colour selection by architect/owner such as trench drains and grates, backstroke flags, etc.

  • Send samples for items such as tile, grout, plaster, etc.

  • Send a physical copy of “The Project Handbook” to site if requested

Prepare, Coordinate and Send Close-Out Documentation “The Aquatic Resource Manual” 

  • Prepare “The Aquatic Resource Manual” including operating instructions, operation and maintenance manuals, test reports, as built drawings, warranties, motor depot, aquatic start up and training and msds sheets; send digital copy for approval
  • Obtain lists of all pipe labels, lamacoids (for pumps, filters, etc.) and valve tags required and include printed copies of the lists in “The Aquatic Resource Manual”  binder
  • Send a binder copy for training/commissioning
  • Update valve tag list and operating instructions, laminate and put in a project tool box “The Aquatic Accessory Kit” along with pump tape, filter stickers, filter media labels, laminated pump charts, valve tags, warning signs, pipe labels, lamacoids, etc.
  • Send drafts of Acapulco warranties as per specification and original quote
  • Send as many physical copies of “The Aquatic Resource Manual” as required by the specifications
  • Have original warranties signed, sealed and sent after drafts have been approved

Maintaining Mail Tracking, Database and Project Log

  • Keep track of all correspondence and log anything sent via courier, mail, email or FTP site in the mail tracking file
  • Maintain an up-to-date Project Log, keeping track of what has been sent and approved for each job and what the status is as well as the substantial completion dates
  • Maintain an up-to-date database with all products typically used and keep current and accurate submittals and operation/maintenance manuals for all products
  • Contact suppliers/manufacturers to obtain shop drawings and operation/maintenance manuals as necessary


  • 1-3 years of experience supporting project managers in an administrative or similar role or a diploma in Construction Engineering Technology
  • Working as a team is your favourite. So is working independently.
  • Master Communicator (excellent listening, verbal and written communication skills)
  • Cool as a cucumber: you're able to work effectively under tight deadlines and in stressful conditions without breaking a sweat
  • Professional organizer is your middle name. You can stay on track independently and no detail goes unnoticed.
  • Got 99 problems, but Microsoft ain't one (Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint and Word are your specialties)
  • Highly skilled construction document reader/interpreter
  • Fluent in construction terminology and drawing standards

  • All other duties as assigned


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