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Fair Grounds Aquatic Park





The Municipality of Strathroy-Caradoc


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Strathroy, ON 


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Aqua Plans Aquatic Consultants Inc.


Lap Pool, Leisure Pool, Zero Depth Beach Entry, Hydrotherapy Bench, Lazy River, VGBA Compliant Main Drains, Hanovia UV System, Spray Features, Water Slide



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As part of a 2.9 million dollar contract, Acapulco Pools acted as General Contractor for the Fair Grounds Aquatic Park project that included the design and construction of an outdoor aquatic facility along with a multi-purpose building with change rooms. 


Leisure area with lazy river, water slide, water umbrella, and spraying arch at Fairgrounds Aqua Park in Strathroy, Ontario


The pool’s beach entry, which starts at a zero depth, allows young children and new swimmers to gradually make their way to deeper waters as their skills develop. The beach entry also features solid-stream jets, tipping buckets, a floor bubbler system and a water umbrella. Further, the beach entry also encourages and supports wheelchair access. Instead of a segregated ramp, the beach entry has handrails along both edges to enable people of all abilities to enjoy the pool.


Adjacent to the water umbrella is a conversation area with a built-in underwater bench with hydrotherapy jets. This area offers bathers a place to relax and enjoy a break from swimming. There is also a stair entry located beside an aqua bench, which leads to a water slide. Next to the stairs is a lazy river where patrons can float around on a tube as they are propelled by built-in water jets, which create a life-like current. Lazy river users must be willing to get a little water in their hair as it also features a water wall or ‘custom-spray arch’ halfway through, soaking bathers as they float by. The inner circle of the lazy river also includes a fountain/geyser. 


Outdoor lap/leisure pool with water slide, water umbrella, and dumping buckets at Fairgrounds Aqua Park in Strathroy, Ontario


The facilities lap pool features six lanes and has its own dedicated set of stairs. It is equipped with permanent lane markers, allowing the pool to be used for competitive racing and training, as well as swimming laps for exercise. The deep end includes four Virginia Graeme Baker Pool & Spa Safety Act (P&SS Act) compliant main drains. In addition to the pool’s overflow system design, which collects water from the surface, the main drains enable the circulation of the water from the bottom of the pool as well.


There is a covered spectator area, adjacent to the lap pool which can accommodate 100 people, making it ideal for hosting swimming competitions. The shade structure covering the bleachers is a custom, one-of-a-kind feature to this aquatic park. 


View of the lap and leisure pool from the top of the waterslide at Fairgrounds Aqua Park in Strathroy, Ontario


The final feature is the water slide. Standing 6.7M (22 ft) tall at the launch, the slide tower offers riders a spectacular view of the complex right before they plunge into a speedy watery bliss. The slide comprises a double-corkscrew figure-eight turn before bathers exit into the run-out splash area.


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With each aspect of this project, the Municipality was extremely impressed with the professionalism and organizational capacity that Acapulco Pools provided. During project implementation, Acapulco Pools proved effective in ensuring the project was delivered on time and within the allotted budget parameters. It was clear that throughout each phase of the project – from concept to completion – Acapulco Pools was working on our behalf to meet our project goals.


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Robert Lilbourne

The Municipality of Strathroy-Caradoc




Lap area of the Fairgrounds Aqua Park's outdoor pool in Strathroy, Ontario


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