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Horace Mann Park





R.C.S. Construction Inc.

Year Completed




Rapid City, SD


Type of Project




Fennell Design Inc.


Pool Consultant

Councilman Hunsaker


25M Lap Pool, Diving Board, Climbing Wall, Water Slides, Removable Basketball Hoop, Removable Volleyball Net, Leisure Pool, Zero Depth Beach Entry, Play Structure, Accessibility Lift, In Pool Benches, Vortex Pool, Geysers



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The new waterpark at Horace Mann Park was designed and built to appeal to a variety of pool goers. The lap pool is 25M in length and includes a 1M dive stand and diving board, climbing wall, and a water slide plunge area. The lap pool also includes additional gaming features such as a removable basketball hoop and volleyball net. Permanent anchor points were embedded into the deck for these features which allow them to be easily installed or removed. It is a gutter pool, which means the water flows over the top edge of the pool wall and down into a gutter or trench where it makes its way to the filtration and sanitizing systems.



The water slide plunge zone drops bathers 2M into the pool at the end of the water slide. This may not sound like much of a drop, but it is just enough to put a bit of suspense into the riders’ hearts before they splash into the water.  Two other water slides were also installed that end with a runout which brings riders to a stop. 



The leisure pool features a beach-entry design which gradually leads up to its deepest point where a huge play structure and mountain slide are located, perfect for young children just learning about water. Beach entries also permit those who are in a wheelchair to easily access these aquatic features. An accessibility lift was installed on the lap pool to easily transport bathers who may be in a wheelchair or unstable on their feet into and out of the pool.



The other half of the recreation pool is geared towards older kids and adults, as it is deeper and includes in-pool benches and a vortex pool. The vortex pool has water propulsion jets that create a vortex effect, letting bathers float around in a circle.



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