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Parkdale Veterans Park





City of Belleville

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Belleville, ON


Type of Project

Splash Pad





Pool Consultant



Rain Drop Water Toys, Non-Slip Broom Finish, Custom Designed Recirculating Filtration System, Complete With UV Sanitizer



Blue & White, Brolain Distribtors Inc., Cambridge Brass, CBM, Chemline, Dedicated Plastic Tanks Inc., Form & Build, Guillevin, Hayward, IPEX, MSU, Nemato, Pentair, Power Plant Supply, Praher, Rain Drop Products, Santa Barbara Controls, Stenner, Temisca, TPE, Unit Precast, Zeotech




The nature-themed splash pad located within Belleville's Parkdale Veteran's Park opened to the public in 2014.  Designed with families in mind, the splash pad offers a zero-depth play area complete with spray features created by Rain Drop Products. The colourful features add an element of excitement to the playground.


With no standing water, the zero-depth play area eliminates the drowning risk along with the costs associated with the need for lifeguards. Additionally, the zero-depth play area increases accessibility, making the splash pad inclusive to the entire community - no matter the age or ability!


Kids playing at the Parkdale Playground splash pad with nature themes spray features


Combining bright, nature-themed spray features to reflect and capture the splash pads surroundings, Parkdale Veterans Park will provide many years of fun for the Belleville community. In the centre of the splash pad, water drops from the treetop of a vibrant "Rain Tree". Giant "Leaf Spray's" and a "Dancin' Daisy" stand along the perimeter of the pad, showering water onto the heads of splashers. Hidden ground sprays add an element of surprise, projecting water upwards and outwards.


Kids playing at the Parkdale Playground splash pad with nature themes spray features


The spray features were fabricated with extremely durable fibreglass and other materials that are invulnerable to the harsh elements of the local environment. All equipment and fasteners are vandal resistant. The water features will not rust, corrode or dent. The water features are brightly coloured with extremely durable cross-linked polyurethane that is typical of what is used in the aerospace and oil rig industry. The colour is UV stabilized to inhibit fading; thus, suitable for the harshest environments on the planet.


All of the features were installed using the OMNIPOD Universal Mounting System. This innovation facilitates the easy removal of features for relocation to a different position, for winterizing purposes or for future expansion.