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The Bruce Hotel





Melloul Blamey

Year Completed




Stratford, ON 


Type of Project




Marklevitz Architect


Pool Consultant

Aqua Plans Aquatic Consultants Inc.



Indoor Pool, Indoor Spa, Tile Finish, Badu-Jet, Swim Spa



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Officially opening to guests in 2014, The Bruce Hotel is one of Stratford’s newest luxury accommodation establishments. The hotel is completely wheelchair accessible and features 25 elegant rooms and suites, a fitness centre and an indoor aquatic facility. Designed with the highest level of finishes and amenities, Acapulco Pools is proud to have constructed the indoor aquatic facility for this high-end hotel. 


Indoor pool and spa at the Bruce Hotel


Guests of The Bruce Hotel can experience complete relaxation in the indoor plunge pool and spa. The Badu SwimJet system transforms the pool into an aquatic exercise centre, ideal for those looking to fit in a low impact workout during their stay. By swimming against the current simulated by the Badu SwimJet, guests can burn calories, strengthen muscles and soothe body aches. Guests have full control over the degree of their work out!


Guest relaxing in the indoor spa at the Bruce Hotel