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Safety First




At Acapulco Pools, safety is an integral part of our business foundation. We recognize that all workers have the right to a safe and healthy workplace, and we are committed to the integration of safety in all areas of activity. Further, we believe that the management of health and safety is not optional or an extra to existing management activities. 



The success of our health and safety management system is due to the fact that it is integrated into all management activities. Health and Safety issues are included in all project planning activities and therefore integrated into a project budgetary process.



The ultimate goal of our Occupational Health & Safety Management System is to conduct all activities with Zero Injuries/Incidents. The commitment to achieve this goal will result in increased productivity and the prevention of job-related losses.



This goal, however, can only be achieved when everyone commits to error-free performance. Active participation and personal cooperation of all management, supervision and employees, and a positive coordination of their efforts in carrying out the following:

  • Planning of all work to minimize personal injury, property damages and loss of productive efforts.

  • Establish and maintain a system for early detection and correction of unsafe practices and conditions.

  • Investigate safety related incidents to determine cause and take necessary corrective actions.

  • Establish and implement safety education programs designed to stimulate and maintain the interest and active participation of all personnel.


All employees are provided the knowledge and the positive attitude, which integrates and accepts good health and safety practices as normal in their everyday work activities. This standard is met at all levels within the organization, with high personal standards, leadership by example and ensuring that safe work practices are routine in everyday activities.





The success of our Health & Safety Management System is also due to the strict auditing standards that we assess our program against and use to set our annual health and safety objectives to facilitate continual improvement of the program. 


In 2017, we received our first COR™ certification after an intense internal and external auditing process carried out by the Infrastructure Health and Safety Association (IHSA).  In 2020, the Acapulco Pools team was recertified after successfully completing a second external COR™ audit. Following a few years of hard work, dedication, and long hours for our entire team, achieving and maintaining our COR™ certification is something each and every one of us is proud of. The COR™ certification is largely understood in the construction industry as a national benchmark for safety excellence and positive safety behaviours and performance.  



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